Food Safety

Food safety is the top priority for food and beverage industries. TGDF and its members have processes guaranteeing the compliance of the products in the market with the science-based, highest food safety standards. Science and science-based legislation plays a significant role for the food industry to offer benefits to consumers and general community by developing new products or improving old products.

Securing Food Safety

Food safety is indispensable for the industry. Food safety is the top priority for food and beverage industries. TGDF and its members have processes that secure the conformity of products in the market with the highest food safety standards. In October 2011, TGDF published “Food Safety from Farm to Fork’’. It does not only describe Food Safety management principles, but also provides information to food producers about food risk management. It continues to fight negative impacts of unrecorded production on food safety to prevent unfair competition, and focuses on crisis management on regional, national and international levels.

Working in cooperation

Represented in the Specialization Sub-Commissions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock; TGDG actively contributes and ensures efficient participation for the preparation, review and modification of the food legislation. It is also the only non-governmental organization with a representative in the National Food Codex Commission which is tasked with the preparation and inspection of the food codex.

The duties assumed by TGDF include establishing a single authority in our country in the field of food safety, being efficient in the formation of a risk-based food safety unit and taking actions towards all stakeholders by following up the works of EFSA as the only competent authority in the EU in terms of risk assessment.

TGDF conducts its operations aimed at facilitating the current regulation framework, which is a high priority issue for the European Commission, as well as reducing and eliminating administrative obstacles as much as possible, by following up all legislation developments and new technologies regarding food safety in continuous communication with all its members and relevant official authorities and international organizations.

Investing in research

R&D plays a major role in the development of industry and in the competitiveness of producers. It is necessary to make investment in research and development to present safe foods to domestic and overseas markets to meet consumer expectations by creating a sustainable food safety system based upon scientific data obtained from R&D activities.

Introducing new products in the market

If a product does not reach innovation phase and is not introduced into the market, investing in R&D is neither realistic nor profitable. Therefore, innovation constitutes the foundation for increasing the product ranges for consumers by making it easier for new foods to enter the market. Besides, new or advanced products and processes must always be based upon the best existing knowledge, legislation and consumer demands.