Trade, Competition and Public Relations Commission

Food and beverage industry is one of the largest sectors that make significant contributions to the Turkish economy in terms of turnover and employment. As independent of its size, the Federation of Food & Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF) operates within wide parameters in the fields of science, nutrition and health and environmental sustainability to provide an environment where all food and beverage companies can become more competitive. The duties assumed by the TGDF include monitoring and development of the problems encountered in agricultural markets, thus taking actions that will enhance business opportunities, improvement of the profitability and development of the Turkish Food and Beverage Industry within global economy and particularly supporting technology transfer and researches on new technologies for the SMEs and converting them into efforts that will increase competitive edge.

The areas of interest of TGDF include following up unfair business practices within food supply chain and conducting the necessary studies to resolve the issues. Also, it assists industrialists to enable wide access to high-quality raw materials at competitive prices and to give priority to the use of agricultural raw materials in foodstuffs.

Gıda tedarik zincirindeki adil olmayan ticari uygulamaları takip etmek, çözümleriyle ilgili çalışmalar yapmak TGDF’nin ilgilendiği konular arasındadır. Ayrıca rekabet edebilir fiyatlarla yüksek kaliteli hammaddelere geniş erişimi sağlamak ve tarımsal hammaddelerin gıdalarda kullanımına öncelik vermek için sanayicilere yardımcı olmaktadır.