Member Associations

ABÜDER – Herbs and Spice Producers Association
ALKİDER – Alcoholic Beverage Producers And Importers Association
ASÜD – Packed Milk and Milk Products Industrialists Association
BALDER – Healthy Life With Apicultural Products Platform
BESD-BİR | White Meat Industrialists and Breeders Union Association
BİTKİDEN | Plant Based Foods Association
BMÜD – Beer And Malt Producers Association
BYSD – Vegetable Oil Industrialists Association
ETBİR – Red Meat Industrialists And Producers Union Association
ETÜDER – Foodservice Suppliers Association
GIDABİL – Food Components and Developers Industrialists Association
GİSDER – Traditional Alcoholic Beverage Producers Association
MASUDER – Turkish Mineral Water Producers Association
MEDER – Beverage Producers & Sellers Association
MEYED – Fruit Juice Industry Association
NİSAD – Starch Industrialists Association
ORGÜDER – Organic Product Producers And Industrialists Association
PDD – Rice Millers Association
SALKONDER – Tomato Paste, Frozen and Canned Food Industrialists Association
SETBİR – Turkish Milk, Meat, Food Industrialists and Producers Association
SİRKEDER - Vinegar Producers Association
SUDER – Packed Water Producers Association
SUTHER – Sesame, Halva and Jam Producers Association
ŞARAPDER – Wine Producers Association
ŞEMAD – Sugar-Containing Products Industrialists Association
TMSD – Turkish Pasta Industrialists Association
TÜGİDER – All Foods Foreign Trade Association
YÜSAD - Egg Producers, Processors and Industry Association