About Us

Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF) in 1999, signed a protocol created "Food Association Platform" and then began the process has been established with the coming together of 10 food associations at December 31, 2003.

TGDF is the largest non-governmental organization of Turkish food and drink sector, with its 28 sub-sector associations and more than 2000 food companies which are members of these associations. Member associations and their member companies of TGDF account for 95% of the total exports, imports and employment of food and drink production in our country.

The mission of TGDF is to help all food and beverage companies operating in our country to grow in a sustainable manner, to increase their quality and competitiveness at inland and abroad, and to provide an environment that will allow consumers to access quality and reliable food.

TGDF; that food quality, fair competition, common sense marketing and environmental awareness are ensured; In such an environment where consumers are confident about food safety and can make conscious food choices; It focuses on studies aimed at creating a holistic and scientific approach.